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0000004Network WideNihachuMCpublic2020-08-05 18:49
ReporterRyTheFirst Assigned ToRyTheFirst  
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Summary0000004: Bungee-cord UUID Spoofing
DescriptionThere's an issue with Spigot / Bungee-cord that allows users to spoof their UUID. Allowing people to falsify admin rights and so forth. As occurred when the server was griefed today.
Steps To Reproduce1. Setup your own Bungee-cord instance

2. Add any bungee-cord server that is hosted somewhere other than on the same machine as the bungee server is.

3. Join through your bungee server and use a plugin to modify the UUID sent to the server.

4. Voila, you now have all of that persons perms and so forth.
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2020-08-05 18:49

administrator   ~0000007

Resolved, added new firewall rules to drop all network traffic attempting to access server ports unless it comes from the IP of the bungee server, resolving this issue.

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