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0000011Creative Build ServerNihachuMCpublic2020-09-13 15:16
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Summary0000011: I'm a new player on the plots server. I've gotten a error about claiming plots. I have No other plots
DescriptionWhen I first joined, I did the normal plot server stuff. Checking out spawn, Seeing cool stuff, and generally exploring. My first problems arose when I did /plot auto [this is to teleport you to the nearest unclaimed plot.] I got a message in chat that simply stated: "You cant claim more plots."
Thinking this is a new feature, I did /plot home, Thinking it auto gave me a plot. Which it did not. When I sent the command, Another Error came up. "Found no plots within your search query." Now I'm a bit confused, Thinking I've must have done something wrong. I deleted and reinstalled the server. That did not help at all. I logged back in exactly where i was. I redid the command Thinking it might work, I did not. I'm now very confused thinking now I've cloned my plots thinking the system broke. My username is liambean1. Ive joined the discord to verify and im deeply dumbfounded.
Steps To Reproduce1. New account, (not the best considering there 20-30 bucks,)
2. Join server,
3. /plot auto

and there the problems started.
TagsBug , glitch
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2020-09-13 15:16

administrator   ~0000015

There was a perms issue, however this was resolved, if you're still having trouble please dm RyTheFirst#0001 on discord and I can then assist you further.

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