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0000001Hub ServerNihachuMCpublic2020-07-30 18:55
Reporteranonymous Assigned ToRyTheFirst  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000001: welp if you fly a bit out u are able to kill eachother and when you respawn you go under the spawn point :|
Descriptionif an person fly's out for a bit then an other player is able to hit him and the person is also able to hit the other person
Steps To Reproduce1. fly for like 10 seconds out
2. have an buddy go with you
3. ur buddy (or you) needs to hit you (or your buddy)
4.repeat the hitting until the other person dies
Additional Informationwelp im skep thats all you can contact me by @!skepnoblade in the gaming channel of the nihachu discord
or send an dm
Tagsdeath involved , respawn point
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2020-07-30 18:16



2020-07-30 18:26

administrator   ~0000001

Issue resolved - Players are no longer able to exit the area in which pvp is disabled.

Thanks for the report!

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